Member Testimonials

At CrossFit Skyway, we’re in the business of changing lives through CrossFit here in St. Petersburg. So when we hear great member stories like these, we literally box jump for joy! We hope you’ll be our next success story.


David C.

Member since July 2017

We had only lived in St. Pete a couple months before we joined he gym. So first - it became our little family and community of friends. The gym not only got me back into an active lifestyle, but provided me with some great friendships and relationships that make the workouts much more fun. 

What I love most is the balance we have. I feel like Shawn, Steve and the crew know how to get the best out of you while still maintaining a fun and exciting atmosphere. 

I would tell someone considering trying a few things:

  1. Don’t be afraid of CrossFit. I sure was. It’s definitely tough, but it challenges you and rewards you constantly.
  2. CrossFit Skyway is full of wonderful and welcoming people, and you feel at home the second you walk in.
  3. You’ll have fun. Seriously. It’s so much fun getting your butt kicked with friends and laughing about how bad/great to feel after each workout. 

Madalyn T.

Member since May 2017

Before joining CrossFit Skyway I was working out on my own. My workouts usually consisted of body weight exercises, HIIT training, and running.

Since joining, I've made new friends and become part of a fantastic community which offers me support, competition, and laughs. I've always been active and worked out but I've really enjoyed having a coach to push me to new limits. Also, who knew I could lift such heavy weights! It's been awesome to push myself and become stronger.

As soon as I stepped foot in CrossFit Skyway it was very clear their coaches really cared about their athletes. They offer the Foundations class which you must take before jumping into a regular led class which I think is great. The coaches really make a point to teach you the basics and once you have graduated from that, keep pushing your fitness levels in a safe way.

-Stop thinking about it, just do won't regret it. 

Jordan B.

Member since December 2016

Prior to Skyway I had done Crossfit at another gym in the area for about a year, so I more or less knew the fundamentals but was looking for a place that felt more like a family.

Training at Skyway has given me a positive outlook on my health and totally improved my overall feeling of well-being and definitely helped my level of energy throughout the day.

My favorite thing about training at Skyway is the people, there is such a team mentality, everyone (not just the coaches) is there to cheer you on or help push you to excel that is feels both welcoming and tight-knit.