Skyway Nutrition Challenge

Lifting But Not Losing? 

At CrossFit Skyway we believe that exercise is only one component of healthy living. Even more important is the impact that what we eat has on our overall health. In an effort to provide education about the link between food and health, to help members lose unnecessary body fat and to improve overall wellness, we are proud to invite members to join our inaugural Nutrition Challenge!

Our Six-Week Challenge will include:

  • Sunday May 20 Kick Off Nutrition seminar
  • Personalized Accountability - weekly check-in with a coach via phone call/text/email/face to face
  • Weekly Weigh-ins and Measurements
  • Training on My Fitness Pal App for food tracking
  • 6 Week Clean Eating Meal Plan
  • Meal Prep Education and Tips
  • Private Facebook group
  • Three Week Check-in meeting
  • Benchmark workout at start and end of challenge to measure fitness progress

The investment for the challenge is $150 and in order to provide individualized support and accountability, the initial group will be limited to eight members.  Click Here if you would like to sign up.

We encourage you to take the next step in your fitness journey to see how changing what you eat also changes the way you look - and more importantly - the way you feel!

Thank you,
Steve and Shawn


Shawn Tuckett