Beating The Summer Heat

The Florida heat... it’s inevitable for us between the months of, well January- January really! But it seems to really start taking a toll around May, especially for us Crossfitters. Whether we are new to crossfit or a seasoned vet, we all need to keep our eyes out on the heat. Here are a few ways to stay safe during this summer heat wave! 

1. Drink water

Probably the most obvious advice but it’s the important! This should start first thing in the AM- wake up, get 8 oz in. Drink water throughout your day, not just during your workout.

Click this link below to scope out a product that may help with your hydration:

Electrolyte Supplement

2. Rest

A word that’s not used often in the gym but in these hot days- especially if you start feeling woozy- rest! Stop mid workout if need be, join back in if you feel up to. Don’t be ashamed to cut down the reps or rounds. Taking rest DAYS can be helpful also. Working out in the heat can make you even more exhausted, learn to listen to your body and rest if needed. A fully rested, hydrated body will always produce a better workout than trying to push through on a depleted system. 

3. Learn the signs of heat exhaustion and listen to your body!

We’re so accustomed to pushing ourselves to our absolute limits and beyond that it’s easy to mistake being tough for being stupid. But there’s also a place for us to dig deep at times and “go to your happy place”. The only way to know what to do is to learn how to listen to your body. The most common signs of heat exhaustion are: weakness, headache, muscle cramping, dizziness, headache, pale skin and the inability to sweat. If you’re experiencing these symptoms during your workout, stop, tell a coach  and go sit by a fan. 

4. Consider cooling products

Keeping your body temperature from skyrocketing is important but our skyway fans can only do so you might think about keeping a cooling towel handy (or even on you during the workout). Here’s some links to check out:

Chill Pal Cooling Towel

Mission Cooling Towel


Justin Massey