2019 Skyway Intramural Open

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Every year, CrossFit HQ runs a five-week event called “The CrossFit Open“. As always, we take the idea and make it our own. Our priority is not to find out how fast or fit you compare with 500,000 other people. Our priority IS in helping you push to new levels in fitness, level up your life, and get endless high fives from your Skyway family.

The CrossFit Open is a very stressful 5 weeks of workouts for everyone involved, regardless of skill level. We want to put a focus on having fun and pushing YOURSELF to greater heights.

Can we bring that worldwide thrill home? Can we deliver all the fun of competition without causing any anxiety attacks? We think so.

This year we are introducing the Skyway Intramural Open! Here’s how it’ll work:

We’ll divide you up into teams, each with a Team Captain and a funny name.

You can earn points for your team by participating (most points), winning an event (second-most points) and showing the most spirit during events.

After five weeks of intense, novel workouts, we’ll reveal the Mystery Event Six. This event can be anything from an additional workout created by the coaches to a dodge ball match.

Our draft will happen between now and February 1. On Draft Night (Feb 2nd) we will get together and names will be pulled from a hat. Names will be of people who have registered for the Open. Don’t worry if you haven’t registered by then. After the draft, the captains will get to work recruiting members any way they can to get them on their team!


To register you will need to go to the CrossFit Games website and create a profile (if you do not have one already) and pay the $25 fee. We will provide a link once registration is open.


+1 Point – Attendance: every member of a team that completes an Open workout at Skyway each week earns one point. Maximum one point per athlete per workout. This goes for Rx AND Scaled competitors!

+1 Point – Top 3: every male AND female member who places among the Top 3 at Skyway for each workout (Rx only) gets an extra point for their team.

+5 Points (team) – Spirit: The team with the most noise, pride, and PRESENCE each week will receive 5 bonus points. Please see the Spirit section below for more details

+5 Points (bonus) – 6th workout

+1 Point - Review: Leave us a review on Facebook or Google to earn you team an additional point. Limited to 1 review per person.

+1 Point - Check Ins: Check into CrossFit Skyway on social media each week to earn a point and to be entered into a weekly drawing of prizes.


Each week we will have a theme for members to dress in!

Week 1: Skyway Theme

Week 2: Superhero Theme

Week 3: Crazy Sock Theme

Week 4: Decades Theme

Week 5: Sports Theme


In 2019,  The Open will have five workouts; we have a BONUS event planned, which may take place at any time DURING the five weeks or up until a week after the last.

As usual, that weeks Open WOD will be the programmed workout that Friday. Feel free to show up to any class to earn your points. However we will be running a “Friday Night Lights” meaning that starting at 4:30pm we will be running heats the rest of the night until the last person is done. This is an amazing time to crank up the music. cheer on your friends, and crush your goals! Please feel free to bring your friends and family to watch the event.


For most of our members, the Open is an annual measuring stick to test their improvements in fitness.

Our programming will make a slight shift for the next six weeks to get you READY for the demands of the six-week competition! Look for gymnastic-based skills and Open Style WODs to help you get ready.

We’ll have specialty programs available for those who want to improve one or two specific skills, too, and we’ll announce those by next week. In the meantime, if you’re dying to get your first toes-to-bars, or link your pull-ups, tell your coach! We’ll get you some 1:1 time and homework!


We’ll have some random drawings each week for prizes, including gear, merch, and training packages. The top team will also earn a GRAND prize. Details released soon!

 Our focus is on FUN. We want participation because it will make you fitter, and it will get you high-fives and you’ll be happy and love life more and glow and stuff. 

Let’s start this party!

Justin Massey