Elliott Lightfoot

CrossFit Coach Elliott Lightfoot is a firm believer that keeping your body and mind active is the key to living a long, healthy, and happy life. "The workouts I enjoy most and tend to perform better in are workouts which test metabolic conditioning," he says. "I'm not the strongest guy in the gym, but I enjoy testing my output and capacity when I'm exhausted and my heart is racing."

Elliott grew up playing sports like soccer, baseball and football, and began CrossFit in college. Since then, he has participated in a few local CrossFit competitions—and in June of 2016, earned his CrossFit Level 1 Certificate. "I was approached by one of the owners one morning and was asked if I had any interest in coaching," he says. "I had actually been thinking of getting my Level 1 certification already and this is what motivated me to get that done and begin coaching at our gym."

Fun fact: In the police academy, he was part of a five-man team that set a new obstacle course record that is still standing.


  • CrossFit Level 1