CrossFit Imbue Is Becoming CrossFit Skyway

Big News!

We are thrilled to announce that CrossFit Imbue is becoming CrossFit Skyway

Why the name change? Affiliating as CrossFit Skyway is a step toward fulfilling our vision of deeply connecting to the St Pete community. What better way to do so than through honoring one if its most famous landmarks. Although the name is changing, our mission remains the same - to positively impact lives through movement, fitness, and community. With that said, the Lion mentality will always be a part of our heritage and who we are.

So what does this mean for me? Firstly, where you’ll find us online is changing. Our new website is so please visit to find our daily WODs, schedules, and updates to our programs. Secondly, we’ll be updating all of the social media handles to CrossFit Skyway within the next few days (you won't have to change anything there).

But what about my swag? Never fear! We have a new batch of shirts and tank tops arriving on Thursday, so make sure to pick one up on us (that means FREE)!

More Questions? As always, feedback and questions are invited.

We look forward to opening this new chapter with each and every one of you at CrossFit Skyway!