11.29.2017 Heavy Cleans and 'Helen' Benchmark Metcon

Every 2 Minutes On the Minute for 20:00 (E2MOM) - 
2 Full Cleans
*Start with 50% of best clean
*Build/increase weight every 2:00 until you find max at the end of 20:00

Helen GIRL WOD - We will benchmark this WOD and do it again in a few weeks
3 rounds for time
400 m Run
21 Kettlebell Swings 55#/35#
12 Pull Ups

Gymnastics/Midline Accessory Work
6 MIN Alternating TABATA -
40 sec of first movement, 20 sec rest, then 40 sec of second movement, 20 sec rest for 6 minutes
Arch/Superman Hold
Hollow Hold

50 PVC Pass Throughs gradually moving the hands in little by little as long as the arms don’t bend.

Steve Musha