10.28.2016 Cleans + Dubz


High Hang Clean 5×5 60-65% (or commonly referred as dip clean) -

Focusing on aggressive leg drive. Stay tall and do not lean over the bar. 

Halting Clean Deadlift 5x3@80%

Dip Clean/High Hang Clean - "Begin standing in the tall position—standing fully erect with the bar held at arms’ length. Bend smoothly at the knees only as you would for a jerk, then quickly and aggressively transition in the bottom of the dip and extend the hips and knees together to finish the pull of the clean, completing the rest of the lift as you would for any clean. Be sure your feet remain flat as you dip and drive hard through the floor with your legs. This lift is meant to be done with an elastic dip and drive—there should be no pause in the bottom of the dip. Make sure to keep the bar against your body throughout the lift—don’t let it be pushed away at any point." - Catalyst Athletics


6:00 AMRAP

1 Hang Clean @80% (Yes - Squat)

30 Double Unders