04.12.2017 Sumo Deadlift & TABATA


Sumo Stance Deadlift -

15:00 to work on technique and find a medium load for 3 Reps (touch n go)


On a 12:00 Running Clock Complete the following

TABATA  ( :20 Seconds on / :10 Rest for 4:00 )

Wall Balls 20/14

Russian KBS 40#/30#

L-Sit/Tuck Hold/Hollow Hold

How it will work....  

:20 of Wall Balls/:10 Rest

:20 Russian KBS/:10 Rest

:20 L-Sit/Tuck/Hollow Hold/:10 Rest

**then go back to the beginning and complete until 12:00 is up... Score is total of reps for each movement**