03.19.2016 Athlete Choice Skill/Strength + 16.4 or Partner WOD


6 x 2 Deadlift @80% of 1rm (rest as needed between sets - at least 2:00) - Posterior Chain Warm Up for those deadlifting


Build to 2rm Touch N Go Power Snatch (Bullet Proof Shoulder Warm Up - for Snatch)

16:00 Minute Working Window


 REDO/Make Up 16.4


Partner WOD:

4 Rounds

10 Clean & Jerks 155/105

20 T2B

30 Wall Balls 20/14

40 KBS 1.5/1.0

1 Person working at a time

***If you guys are making up 16.4 or re-do - ensure you find a judge and be prepared to warm up on your own..  We will have plenty of people there to help judge - but respectful of normal class schedule/programming and space***