03.11.16 Friday Night Lights - CrossFit Open Workout 16.3

CrossFit Open WOD 16.3 at #IAMBOO!!!!!!

Please come to compete, cheer on, and witness the awesomeness of Friday Night Lights!

The workout will be announced by THE Dave Castro at 6:00pm MST on 3/10. We'll run multiple heats on Friday evening, with the first heat starting at 5:45/6:00pm

16.1 will be programmed at Imbue all day on Friday 2/25, but we encourage everyone to come for the 5:30 and 6:30 class as we will have multiple judges and plan on grilling out and hanging out afterwards!!!!

Please feel free to invite your friends and family to encourage, watch, and support you guys during this fun 5 week event!!!

PS - We plan on bringing a dish or some type of snack for post WOD OPEN CELEBRATIONS! This will also be - BYOD :D

Jude and Chan will provide the grill!