February 2019: Amalia M.

Amalia is amazing! I have not met anyone more dedicated to her craft than her. She can be found waking up really early to work out with her 6am crew, coming back into open gym and attending all our workshops. All of this in the consistent, never ending pursuit of perfection. Saying that Amalia is hard working would be an understatement. Her job requires her to be in top physical condition and her effort she puts in day in and day out in class has allowed to achieve greatness. Not to mention she is supportive, cheering and an all around great human. Thanks for making Skyway that much better!

How long have you been a member and how long have you been doing CrossFit?

Amalia: Since August 2018

What is your favorite thing about the gym?

Amalia: It’s my happy place. From the coaches who help you improve and push you harder, to the other members that encourage and support you. There’s nowhere else i’d rather be.

What is the biggest challenge you have overcome since joining the gym?

Amalia: Realizing that everyday it is about progress not perfection. There’s always something I can improve upon even if I feel confident with the skill.

What is your favorite moment at the gym so far?

Amalia: Early on in Foundations with Coach Steve we were doing box jumps. He kept stacking plates higher and higher. After 24” I zoned out and only heard him say “I wouldn’t add more if I didn’t know you could do it” I jumped the 30 some inches and heard a bunch of cheering, “Go girl!”, “Yes Amalia”. I didn’t know everyone stopped to watch. That was when I knew I found my tribe.

What's your favorite "cheat" food?

Amalia: Vegan Eats - Snickerdoodles

What would you say to someone who is thinking about starting?

Amalia: Don’t waste another breath or thought hesitating on the best decision you’ll make in your life. Crossfit is functional modifiable fitness.

What drives you?

Amalia: I want to be the best example of a “fighter”. It’s more than physical, it’s perseverance, resilience, and leadership.

What is you biggest fitness goal right now?

Amalia: I want to increase my squat mobility to improve my form and start adding on plates.

Justin Massey